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  • Julia - I would like information on birth photography. The delivery would be at Harris downtown.


  • Kari - Hello,

    I am interested in the newborn all inclusive session. What happens if I choose a date and the baby comes earlier or later than expected?ReplyCancel

    • Nicole - Hi Kari I think I got your emailed Returned,but the way it works is I hold your due date and that way I know I will have a session around that date so I make sure I book less sessions around the date so I have a few options once the baby comes. Usually once you let me know they baby has arrived (even early or late) i can work you in with in a week or so. I have always been able to get my clients in that book before birth even when they come early or late. I hope that Helps I get that question a lot 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Brittany McFadden - Hi,

    I am interested in setting up a photo shoot (outdoor) for my daughter’s first birthday and wanted to see how much you charge and how soon you are able to get the photos back. Her birthday is November 12th and I would like to see if we could have the photos back for her birthday party which will be Saturday the 12th?
    Also do you provide any props if I wanted to use some? I would like to do a smash cake and some of her with a big balloon or any other props that you may have that you would recommend. 🙂 Is there a charge for using any of your props?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

  • Rachel Harrington - Inquiring about newborn options for delivery November 14, 2016.ReplyCancel

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